Artist Statement

Statement is on website:
Will feature new paintings from summer 2012,
"Creatures of the Sixth Extinction".
The first 3 paintings posted (stuffed tiger,live rat) are the first of this new series, hot off the press.

Entertaining science writing for non-scientists inspires me, and since there are many hidden references in my work, I will have a selection of favorite books for you to browse.

The Guestbook

lloydgc says: I love the imagination on display in your works. They're fun and original. Good luck!

AMS says: Joyce blends diverse views of dimension onto the canvas, often juxtaposing unexpected images as peope appearing to be surrounded by fish, a tiger entering a building; or a graphic complexity of images. Beautiful, too!

bklyneye says: I really like the way she took the ordinary and made it into the extraordinary