Artist Statement

I use thread, nylon, yarn as image-making tools, & feel incredibly empowered to participate in the rich tradition of fiber arts. Currently I'm creating abstract sculpture & paintings from nylons. I am very interested in the idea of reshaping a material specifically made to smooth and soften the body. I want to speak to the idea of the garment as a sexual, utilitarian and inherently feminine object. I am both interested in exploring the physical possibilities of the malleable material & creating a visual metaphor for woman herself.

The Guestbook

jungee62 says: A very talented fiber artist who uses unique materials to create exciting and whimsical projects from bicycles, to self portraits or "very personal" objects. Stands apart from many fiber artists that I have seen over the past three years.

jenita.ulloa says: Droplets of individual bullets intertwined and weaved together to form a shape that can either be interpreted as a delicate feathered structure or a solid foundation.

bnoyce says: Katerina, your shapes and colors really pop! I love the variations. Your pieces exude organic...but in a surrealistic way.