Artist Statement

In my practice I investigate the autobiographical and fictionally constructed evidence of my own life of a woman, through various disciplines, such as performance, drawing, video, photography, text, found objects and sculptural installations.

Geographical and cultural displacement intermingle into a cocktail of the personal and political. Past ideals and current ideological and economic states heroically intertwine onto an emotionally charged artistic platform, on which I operate .

Aesthetically and historically, I pull from the languages of cultural cliches, dance, art history, cinematic genres, feminist theory, social media and current world events.

The Guestbook

jimfreeman says: I identified with your attempt to express the sense of cultural displacement and alienation that comes with being an expatriate. I'm looking forward to seeing your performances as they evolve.

natamaks08 says: It would be nice to know what she really means by her pieces. Very vague and messy.