Artist Statement

My pieces are made mostly from recycled paper to which I add paint as well as other materials such as photo-transfers (water-based), graphite and branches. The paper becomes three-dimensional after it is cast over a natural or artificial mold.
Natural and urban environments are integrated in my work to create a new synthesis and understanding of the spaces I inhabit. I want my pieces to raise questions about our relationship and connection to the natural world as well as what we can do to restore it to a more balanced and important place in our lives.

The Guestbook

aesi says: Unique environmentally inspired mixed media sculptures

Glennwolin says: Your work is beautiful, interesting, and so different from anything I have experienced. I love the multi dimensionality.

AttorneyAnne says: Kathy's talent was astonishing. The birch tree was so real, as were a couple of the panels, I kept touching them to see if in fact they were not the nature made instead of artist made. How does someone turn paper mache into a totally like-like object? I am still thinking about her art, every day since the show.

streetecco says: Natural - Forest expressions - Earthy

mikebent1 says: The deceptively simple natural themes are stepping stones to well thought out compositions and originality in juxtaposition of disparate visual elements.

Phure says: I truly love her pieces!!!!