Artist Statement

This piece is from the satirical series "The Book of the New Georgian Aristocracy," which I've created in response to the attempts in my home country of Georgia to recreate the monarchical form of government. The works presented here are some of the sketches for the large format drawings in the series.

The Guestbook

jmanas says: The black ink prints with the extended nose and no face really said a lot for me. I immediately thought of people in history, government and politics.

pauladonis says: How Beautiful and Beautifully Executed!!! I wish I had been able to meet you...... Would love to converse about your technique. You Have My Vote!!! pauladonis

Annab says: Brilliant. The historical references to today's political landscape executed in mind-blowing detail, fierce pen-and-in. Faceless autocrats in lavish Venetian ball costume. Creepy, compelling and beautiful. And the beat goes on. Thank you