Artist Statement

Art is both medium and message whose goal is to coax truth from the artist and elicit feeling in those experiencing it. In my work, I feel a responsibility to be true to myself. Sometimes I want to run away, but I stay through the discomfort with the hope that I will find that truth, or it will find me.
With this realization, I find a sense of comfort in the unknown. Each time I pick up a pencil, I never know what it will create; art can leave me feeling crushed, but it always brings out my gumption.

The Guestbook

janegreengold says: I love the delicate quality of the line and the animation of the birds on the paper.

leela.rupa says: Samutne, thank you! I will add it to my website as it happens. And thank you for visiting my studio!

MBFlynn says: I am really happy I found you and so enjoyed seeing your work, and Violet too. Please keep me on your list. Cheers.

samutne says: The bird series with erased layers upon layers will be awesome.