Artist Statement

As my work is process oriented, materials are vital to my practice. What makes the process unique is that unconventional tools, such as laboratory instruments are used for applying ink. The spontaneous initial mark is a random gesture, which then becomes more controlled as the piece is developed. Although the work is abstract, the drawings mimic what is going through my mind when the ink is being applied. The personal narrative speaks of my emotional relationship to the planet which becomes a play of the intentional and the intuitive with the discovery of an almost figurative nature peaking out.

The Guestbook

orisharir says: Each work is so distinct yet similar. Looking at her work reminded me of staring at clouds - the longer you look, the more you see.

ewart says: Terrific use of colored inks to make free-form patterns

BklynEsq says: Very professional and unique work. Very organic and free flowing in nature. I believe you will meet with a great deal of commercial success.

GirlGriot says: There was no question but that I'd vote for Linda's work. The moment I walked into her studio, my jaw dropped. I was completely wowed by her work. Each of her pieces is like a world. So amazing to see ... so I want more people to see!

Abbysobh says: The stuff you do with ink is really cool!!

exbillx says: Beautiful!! Great Use Color!! I Really like Work