The Guestbook

jtarney says: Liz, Your work is amazing. Truly the stand-out studio of the whole event! I expect to see you in the Brooklyn Museum show. Julie

emily.goodman.965 says: Impressive work. Thanks!

marlowcharlie says: These paintings are absolutely breathtaking. They belong in the Brooklyn Museum!

LawrenceMay says: Very brilliant artist. Her colors, composition, draftsmanship and immense passion are the soul of great art. Such thrilling work, full of the life force.

KarenB117 says: Grand and captivating depictions of the remains of civilization.

Rubysue4 says: She is the only real artist of the painterly tradition that has survived in this era. Her work is well worth viewing and shows what art really means.

yvette says: Lizbeth Mitty as her own style of painting New York. The details are just beautiful. Even when the painting is of a junk yard, there is still a life to it! The colors are wonderful!

robin says: I have been a longtime fan of Lizbeth Mitty. Her work is so vibrant, and the subject matter so interesting. There is a style that I see, that makes me feel as if I am there. Scenes of New York always fascinate me, and Lizbeth's always have the feeling that there is movement going on. Every part of these painting have their own story in itself! says: We were so glad we found your studio. We really loved your work. I went home and looked you up on the internet and viewed everything I could of all that you had on line that you had done. Excellent! -swing dance teacher,

bklynisbetter says: Wonderful artwork / hopefully we can get you access to Lowes King Theater