Artist Statement

So that this black and kelpish thing
be laid to rest, it writes.

So that this stream may breathe,
it enters nostrils, and mouths.

Things preceded each other,
not thusly, but suchly;
Fictitious, nameless, absent, and afraid,
Odysseus's Horse.

Before the gust;
a shroud of felted lace.

In shutters and fens;
the lurch of far-away froth


Sink homewards,
find me shoaled;
measured by spoonful,

Luresome stone,
small-doored and domed;
I will knock,
and tap.

Many-berthed trail,
smooth with herding;
find me carried.


Trawl between the surface
and the edge,
cairn the wall for

Myth-taker mine,
inlet winged witness;
be arched with breath,
drawn with descent.


Yielding buttress
you have seen
the tiered lip,
the dashed strap

you storied shield,
protect me.