Artist Statement

One Hundred Not Famous Views is a series of monotypes inspired by many years of meditative walks in Prospect Park. It is an homage to Hiroshige’s woodcut series, One Hundred famous Views of Edo. These prints are one of a kind, expressive, spontaneous and painted with a full palette on a single plate in a single session as opposed to the carefully planned process of creating color woodcuts. Where many of Hiroshige’s prints depicted panoramic views of mountain vistas and large expanses of land and water, I have sought to capture the everyday, the ordinary and the intimate.

The Guestbook

goartinbrooklyn says: Much of the work was inspired by Prospect Park, which can be seen from the artist's window. I loved her scenes of the dog beach. The paintings have a serene feeling -- perhaps from the somewhat muted colors or the gentle waves in the water -- the same feeling I get when I am taking a walk in the park. I also really liked her airplane series.

Andromache says: Something about these monoprints grabbed me: the animals, the colors, the unpredictabilty of the process. I was very taken by Mary's work

amygeller says: Gorgeous monoprints!

ConstanceNorgren says: Mary DeVincentis shows peacefulness in the world around us. Her paintings of water go far beyond what most artists can do.