Artist Statement

My recent paintings explore the impulse towards heaven in abstracted landscapes and altered architectural spaces. These moments of possibility allude as much to the idea of heaven as they might to an idealized future, the idea of Summer before it has arrived, or the improbable optimism that drives creative progress. They seek to transform moments of desire, self-delusion, and optimism into form and color. The seduction in these moments reveals the fantasy involved in so much of everyday life, as well as the power of images to locate and evoke desire.

The Guestbook

OrmiFazenda says: Interesting points of view. dark and engaging and literally dark (but hopeful) and well painted. she talks about desire and heavenly aspirations, possibilities.

Alethea-McElroy says: Alethea McElroy

juddls says: Wonderful plays of light and dark, the chiaroscuro, revealing hidden bits of passion in the dark--provocative and evocative.

joe.raskin says: Very clever work; good use of color.