Artist Statement

My work centers on the re-representation of iconic objects. In sculptures and works on paper, I use familiar formal elements from historic artworks—shapes and dimensions—to evoke their physical presence in a minimal, analogic way, to interrogate the collective memory of exhibition and reproduction.

Overwhelmingly, I choose to work with unconventional materials, utilizing objects found in hardware stores and lumberyards. This speaks to my formative experiences in crating, framing, and art handling, and my focus on the literal “construction” of formal elements: it is also a concrete acknowledgment of my use of the formal language of 1960s minimalism.

The Guestbook

shell7 says: Thanks for opening your studio for GO, Michael. It was great to stop by and see your work - I loved hearing about the trial and error it took to construct some of these pieces. Nice to spend some time with you Saturday morning!

scott.demel says: Amazing studies of depth using traditional painting frames and roofing tar, all black