Artist Statement

My paintings are more about intangible connections than tangible things. I am interested in the idea of how works of art capture and even establish links between and among us – not simply as shared points of reference, but as interchanges of energy, as nodes through which our individual and collective experience is channeled. In my work I seek to incorporate visual contamination, evoke impermanence and flux, and tap into the intricate, infinite networks that link us all together.

The Guestbook

Rena-Rubinstein says: His use of color and form is enviable yet seems to come naturally to him. His studio and the work in it evoked a calm serene feeling which I long to create within my own work

edithlangford says: Keep working

cindyll says: Michael, I chose to visit your studio when I saw your paintings online; they seemed to pose an invitation. As it turns out, that is exactly what I felt when I saw them in person. The colors and energy in the work have a charm that lingers. This, in my mind is the power of wonderful art - it has a voice that you know will always have something fresh and interesting to say.

Grinsher says: Michael is an exceptionally dedicated artist who is very open to new ideas to influence his work. A new De Kooning!