Artist Statement

After sculpting for 20 years with cast iron, I am now rejuvenating the genre of painting by using 2800 degree molten iron like it was latex paint. The gestural strokes and splashes, my persuasion of the liquid fire on its collision course with the picture plane, creates beautiful and unpredictable marks that both scorch the surface and burn down into the depths of the layered paper revealing that which is underneath. Each painting successfully captures the creative moment in a dynamic, spontaneous and visually compelling manner.

The Guestbook

bluenote18 says: Dominick's use of molten metal as a new form of expression stuns with its visual power and impact. Searing and burning, it reveals layers that are otherwise hidden, expanding the language of painting. His voice in this (relatively new, for him) direction is evolving. But, it builds on and even surpasses his work as a cast iron sculptor. One of the more exciting works we saw during this Open Studio event.

morgan says: I hope we'll get to see Michael creating a piece of this art: the idea of performance involving molten metal, flame, and resulting in such striking visual art really captured our attention.

Barbara-McLean says: I loved it! It was original and ironic without being fussy or pretentious. The delicate layers on the canvas, destroyed by the molten metal was really remarkable.