Artist Statement

My oil paintings are done in a single session of 3- 6 hours. My practice is to go look at a theme I'm interested in for half an hour or so and then go paint it from memory. This distance gives me the chance to filter my observations through my imagination and visual sensibilities, and yields works that convey my experience of the city, versus literal fidelity to any given scene.

The Guestbook

edmarion says: Neil's work and color palette consistently evokes the best work of David Hockney for me; I also love Neil's work ethic of being present, being a witness to the scene and executing it beautifully; great great work

Barb says: Beautiful work, incredible memory and talent.

josephidube says: 5 days later, I am still thinking about your paintings.

CarolinaSalguero says: I love much of his work and was most attracted to his dark seascapes, and their powerful skies. It was all the more impressive to me that he paints from memory, not plein air. I live and work on NYC's waterfront, and he's really nailed what it feels like out here.