Artist Statement

I love stories, and I love storytellers. My portraits contain mementos of the fascinating personal narratives the subjects they carry with them. Often living their lives with the memory of brutality and exile, they form evidence of the ambitious and the displaced. Beyond the visual details that ground modern urban existence, I try to capture its rhythms: of traffic, cash registers, baby talk, radios.
Change is incessant; both community and individual are in constant transition, so each painting records an evanescent moment. I want to preserve something of the stories behind the faces, and the history behind the crowd.

The Guestbook

fonne-fong says: Your work always tells the subject's story in so many ways with vibrant colors! I'm a big fan of yours!

bernefor says: Nina's paintings are vibrant and energetic; they reflect the diversity of our neighborhood and of Brooklyn. Especially moving was her large-scale series on veterans.