Artist Statement

I create stories about change and adaptation between humans and nature, the stories then inspire me to create images. I see nature as the origin of harmony and communication, and animals as messengers to nature for mankind who is lost, and looking for their nature. I act as a translator and storyteller between different creatures and the world. I capture each moment of my understanding, the interaction between humans and nature, and I directly transform it onto the canvas. I transfer the essence of the traditional method into contemporary painting through my work.

The Guestbook

Pinto says: Deep work!

wexy says: Thanks for the tour Nu.. rich

Glennwolin says: Her work is very subtle yet amazingly evocative and sensual

AlphaHelix says: A study in symbolism. Sublime wit.

mlucineo says: Nu Ryu's artwork is truly thought-provoking and so beautifully executed that it affected me in a way that no other artist's work has done so for the past few years. She is an original and amazingly gifted talent, and I feel an artist to watch for the near future. Loved her work extremely.

giancarlo12 says: she can draw it was like wow ! amazing and very talented person :)