Artist Statement

My work is very much about paint; its colors and application to the canvas. I use an Airbrush, fresh and gestural, unique in its delivery, finishing each piece with fine bristle brush-strokes dancing on the surface. I consider the classical artist’s of Europe and Tibet to be close friends, but Monet and Warhol are also quite close, and they have their place in my paintings too. My hope is that the smooth glazes, opulent and elaborate surfaces, embossed gold, icons and rich color, reveal the horror, comedy, sex and drama, of our time, unfolding as a divine play.

The Guestbook

WolffOlins says: haven't seen anything like this before. images of the world, ancient and contemporary, all through a truly brooklyn lens.

Louiserozett says: Ori's work really captured my imagination...I couldn't stop looking at it and delving into the details...