Artist Statement

My Polished Frescos are fueled by a theory that colors have physical properties. My layering of the medium follows a sequence that parallels both the order of the light spectrum and the progressive realms of the earth, ranging from deep red magma and the blood running through our veins, to the bright blueness of the sky. I liken my trowels to forces of nature, compressing, burying, scraping back, pushing and pulling the tinted plaster to bring out its true colors. My process yields abstracts with subtle permutations of color that stimulates a unique sense of imagery for each viewer.

The Guestbook

maddy.jacobs.14 says: Paul is EXACTLY what Go Brooklyn was designed to find - a brilliant, low-profile artist pushing the boundries with innovative techniques and a breathtaking body of work.

aesi says: Paul brings the technique of fresco painting into the modern world in his unique abstract works.

wexy says: Hi Paul, thanks for tour and the painting demonstration (and good salsa as well) rich

jhopwood says: I own several of Paul's pieces (including early work) and I not only enjoy them but believe them to be works of a master and of great future value. But I had never seen Paul work or hear him explain how he works. It was fascinating: Paul's background in fine plastering has given him a technical knowledge that he brings to bear on this art and he can explain it articulately. He embodies the evolution of an original and unique art form that stands out from all of the others I saw, as much as I enjoyed them also

marcfeldmannyc says: Spectacular!!! One of the most unique artists on the tour! Was amazing to see his work "come to life".

mitch.kulberg says: I've seen Paul's work before and love it. But this is the first time I ever got to see it in progress. It was really remarkable, and hearing Paul explain why he does what he does made it even better. There is nothing like his work anywhere. Truly original.

michael.northrop says: The opportunity to watch Mr. Catalanotto creating a new piece was the highlight of the day. I had no idea a trowel-ful of yellow plaster could be so dramatic!

DianeH says: Live images emerge through Paul's unique process and use of color. Each piece is different and beautiful in its own way.

Dash-Cee says: His work is energenic and yet draws you in. Most high energy art work can be repelling. The longer you look at it the more you see!

AlphaHelix says: Metallic Impressionism Sensed.

pierreleveille says: This is the first I see work with plasters with such colors. The polishing just makes it very beautiful.

yangnimkurz says: interesting

gbenett says: Paul brings the ancient craft of fresco to contemporary abstract composition, leavened by a soulful affinity for color. His unusual work should be widely seen.