Artist Statement

I have been exploring the image of the white picket fence. In my new work, I have further de-emphasized the image, reducing it to a spare scaffolding of faint lines, darkened just enough to be recognizable. Space is created by juxtaposing horizontal and vertical lines against irregular shapes of collaged paper. These shapes are crisscrossed in all directions with dark, smeared charcoal strokes that help to create the space. The result being a glimpse of the complexity and chaos of human life behind the stable architecture of society.

The Guestbook

LFaust says: Enjoyed seeing your studio and your wonderful art. Thanks for your hospitality.

JMiller says: Fences! Such a great theme. Her work immediately caught my attention. Just plain white boards surrounding houses in mostly rural and suburban America, but their effect on America as a whole has been persistent and varied, providing protection and peace from the world while at times hiding the pain of the occupants. Beautiful historical work.

jmguyaux says: Mastery of the medium. Visual impact. Intellectually challenging. Not especially in that order.