Artist Statement

I make paintings about light itself- and I’m fortunate to have a studio flooded with natural light to complement that project. Climb one flight of stairs and a walk to the back of the left hallway of this humble Dumbo building and see first hand how constantly changing natural light allows these very present and optically rich canvases to shimmer and shift. Visit in the last few hours of the day to see flecks of gold and silver leaf emerge as the daylight fades.

The Guestbook

callie.janoff says: Painter of light. Unappologetically transcendental.

ashley.harness.98 says: Your work is stunning!!

MollyMatthew says: Beautiful and mesmerizing.

bruder4321 says: wonderful meticulous circles. One can look at these marvelous works for hours.

Slottomag says: Michele monteforte

NSR says: like looking into eternity

tenzin.namgyal.10 says: magic..

arielleandnate says: beautifully executed