Artist Statement

While I may be best known as a children's book author/illustrator, I'm also a painter and photojournalist. I've exhibited work in various media in numerous group and one-woman shows, including an exhibit of festival photographs at The New-York Historical Society, now part of their permanent collection.
Travel photography has taken me all over the world, but I've also found a world of subjects closer to home. A recurring theme is finding the moment or detail that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary or unexpected-- the improbable beauty of a sewer grate, industrial landscape, palm leaf, or prom-goers in the park.

The Guestbook

wexy says: Hi Roberta, Thanks for the tour Rich

mikebent1 says: While the praying mantis caught my eye, there were many other visual delights amongst your photographic testaments to a world of visual splendor.

nickiea says: I was so surprised to learn that the photographs on show were taken with an iphone. A testament to the eye of the artist, not the technology of the phone.

artsyfartsy says: Roberta's photos are glorious and engrossing! Ms Intrater truly sees the world from a unique perspective.

tlamorte says: Amazing photographs.