Artist Statement

I am a great fan of natural processes, chemical reactions, & chaos. Organic nuances and elements of chance that I manipulate are a key feature of my work. I combine traditional natural pigments and paints with earth, tar, glass, metal, paper, wood, and plant matter. Whenever possible I work with paint that I’ve made from the actual soil from the site that I am depicting, creating a tangible physical link to the “place”. Using this collage of media I hope to enhance the parallel links between the natural world and our human concepts of history, time and space.

The Guestbook

markley.boyer says: I loved these casual (painted on grocery bags) representations of Brooklyn history. The use of dirt and ground brick to make the colors makes them both of and about Brooklyn - seems particularly appropriate for BMA. The paint is loosely applied but with great confidence and the inclusion of hand lettered labels and tiny folded boats adds a nice sense of depth and collage.