Artist Statement

My work reflects a response to the natural world as well as a preocupation with much previous art, from antiquity to modernism and abstraction.

Indeed, utilizing traditional techniques and standard painting media (watercolor, oil, acrylic, fresco,and collage), and in printmaking ( etching, lithography, as well as a recent process, the silk-monotype), a series of themes involving representation and abstraction, utilizing figurative imagery, landscape, and still life, etc, the resulting works might be simple, or complex, with emotional intensity.

The manner in which drawing, composition, color, and texture work together,are determined by the overall concept of any particular work.

The Guestbook

cocoandnuts says: The man behind the work is a truly kind-hearted individual, which comes through his paintings. I really enjoyed his works that captured natural elements such as oceanographic landscapes, fossils, and animals.

Wendell-Cheung says: Thank you do much for opening your home an sharing your passion for the art that you do. We learned a lot!