Artist Statement

Art is a transformative, fluid activism that can contribute to repairing the world.

The Guestbook

victoria1915 says: Interesting Work!

lohmanwild says: such a skilled painter. loved her bird paintings and mobiles plus she gave us a generous studio tour.

Eln212 says: I saw a lot of studios this weekend. There were some that took my breath away or made me stop short upon entering. Rosalyn Bodycomb's was one of them, both because of her delightful mobiles and her beautiful paintings. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

jiawen.a.lin says: Absolutely amazing! You deserve more attention : )

MIJ says: Rosalyn Bodycomb's work, particularly her urban series, successfully captures life in NYC through portraying the grit of the subway stations, the gleam of the R160 A&B trains on the N line, how the fluorescent lights are both harsh and purifying, the exhaustion, patience, enthusiasm of commuters, the continuity of space, the frenetic energy of the street, and the beauty found within the chaos. Brava!

jpierard says: Really outstanding painter.

patdias says: Awesome work, Love the birds

patty says: Her insight and ability to interpret through her work is stunning. We need to see more of her art!