Artist Statement

Whether depicting the human figure or images from nature, my work is about exploring and expressing states of mind. In portraiture, I focus on depicting the character, mood and emotions of my subjects. With still lifes, landscapes or the larger universe, my aim is to share my own emotional response to a visual experience. Drawing is integral to my process. Although I work in various media, the use of line and color is always an important component in my art. These, in large part, are the means through which I express my ideas.

The Guestbook

Migliore says: Taggart's painting has an immediacy that combines drawing with subtle color. Figures have a feeling of history and memory.

Valerie says: The large pieces were amazing!

sandy says: Very serene. Enjoyed the delicate flow of artist's lines and colors. They seem to create an intimacy which comfortably drew you close to her work.

Mary-Joan-Waid says: Taggart has far ranging interests and life experiences that she shares in her art works. Her use of line and subtle color draws the viewer into visual experiences that range from intimate scenes to the vastness of outer space.