Artist Statement

Paintings and digital projections from my "Cloud Watching" series are subject to the conditions of the moment, evolving between creating closure and leaving the image open, much like forming shapes in a fleeting cloud. The end result is a chaotic amalgam of characters that share a unique coexistence with each other.

The Guestbook

Vowitter says:

jungee62 says: I have seen his early works a couple years ago and find his work getting more creative and far better than many other artists that I have observed over the past three years. Sean is a very talented and dedicated artist.

jenita.ulloa says: I love the whimsical nature of Sean's work as well as the color combination and palettes of each painting. They take you to an imaginary world of movement and depth.

bnoyce says: Sean, your paintings are absolutely incredible! I love the vibrant colors and shapes. Leaves much to the imagination.