Artist Statement

Chris Smith aka "subtexture" is a Greenpoint-based artist who moved to Brooklyn to attend Pratt in the mid-80's. He's heavily influenced by pop-artists such as Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol. and Robert Rauschenberg, and is inspired by cross-country road trips, roadside Americana, vintage car culture and pin-ups.

Smith's not a street artist, but he uses things he's found on the street, such as road signs, rusted metal, and aged wood as ingredients in his art. He also utilizes a wide range of media in his work, including silkscreen, letterpress, collage and xerox transfers. He also likes taking pictures of shadows.

The Guestbook

danalaventure says: Chris's project of photographing all the spare gloves that he sees discarded in his own neighborhood -- and scattering the photos of gloves on concrete back on the floor -- was seemingly born of a quick idea, and he has now thought out a lot of great, interactive ways it would play out in a museum.

Genia says: Chris' work is playful and earthy, and has a timeless and contemporary appeal. Love his work.