Artist Statement

Witte painstakingly hand draws his images on a single sheet of paper, and hand cuts his drawings with an x-acto knife. In the cutting process, Witte uses the presence or absence of paper to create color, depth, texture, shadow, time and movement. His ability to know when to end the line enables him to manipulate his material to convey the smallest shift in a reflection or gradient in shadow.

The Guestbook

clemenka says: Thomas Witte makes unique paper cuts that capture the specific moments across time and draw my attention to details I miss in daily life--the shadow dancing behind a sign, the light reflecting off of sunglasses. His work is detailed and complex.

pavelhillel says: Very beautiful, yet delicate art work which I don't see much these days .......

Amejia says: Amazing precision work and great understanding of where to cut and how to cut it all out to give you the entire feel of the picture and yet as his own style to it

chris.mooney says: amazing presentation of detail

jamesfranciskellerjr says: Best of luck, thank you for showing us your work! :)

anne.townsend.5 says: Thanks for opening your studio. We enjoyed seeing your work.

meredith.rust.1 says: Paper cut outs of Manhattan streetscapes are frenetic and require great patience just like chinatown itself. While the cutouts of vintage vacation photos are breezy and relaxing.

miswart says: makes the cut... Michael