Artist Statement

I believe there is a universal appeal in the specific – that a work depicting a small, personal scene will also resonate with viewers. My aim is to successfully convey the emotions that originally attract me to a scene through the choices I make - from the colors and composition to the subtler elements. While my pieces have often been described as realistic, I never try to hide brushwork – the work is a painting not a photographic interpretation. A successful painting manipulates reality in order to convey the artist’s vision.

The Guestbook

irwinbarry says: I was quite impressed by his realistic paintings of life in NYC, which were incredibly detailed, as well as his photography. I believe he is truly representative of Brooklyn.

dthorp says: Loved the work... favorites include coffee shop, still life with ketchup, and 10 cents a bottle. Your paintings and photographs aren't just pretty pieces, they put me in a place and I feel different emotions when I look at them. Thank you!