Artist Statement

My work is concerned with civilization’s simultaneous complexity of technological advances and imminent decline from lack of natural resources. My “Videopaintings” underline the impermanence and constant bombardment of transmitted information to a society that is fixated on alternately obsessing over or ignoring electronic messages.

In my studio you’ll see how I combine painting and electronic data/appropriated news footage, removing any distinctions or boundaries between them. Specifically you see my latest large-scale videopaintings, plus drawings and prints that explore new ideas which will lead to next year’s installations. I’ll have documentation of all my prior installations available as well.

The Guestbook

KarinaH says: Clever combination of painting and technology using video and social media. I could see Jason creating something specifically for the Brooklyn Museum and on a large scale, if requested.

rena says: MOST fabulous concepts & execution in merging very astute painting with totally relevant up to date media