Artist Statement

Painting, to me, represents a profound source of revitalization and freedom as well as my desire to convey human emotion and fantasy.
My work offers a wheel of imagination and a very personal way for me to express beauty and sensitivity. I have explored various mediums. I am a member of Chashama, a not for profit organization.
In October 2011 my work was exhibited in the “Artist I” series of the Mohu Arts Festival at New York State Museum in Albany. Through a diversity of styles, the “Artist I” put in perspective the essence of the artist’s creativity.

The Guestbook

victoria1915 says: Great Art and Important theme!

kaloudesign says: I love your art... You put so much attention to detail and to communicate to me how gracious and inspirational your painting can be. Awesome work, best of luck! Kalou

berthold says: Great work, good luck! Berthold

ewart says: Great imagination and creative use of materials to explore provocative themes; most imaginative artist in show

pipersmith says: amazing and emotional

louise.fleming.39 says: Amazing, inspired work. The mixed media of the weeping widows is especially powerful.

GirlGriot says: Loved your layered pieces on the Iraq war. Really powerful.

JMiller says: This is a beautiful tribute to our soldiers. I especially loved the piece showing the faces of the fallen soldiers. Often we know facts. Just numbers and names. But to see the faces, to know each face you see was somebody's child who is gone, was just humbling. I also loved the work which exhibits the black scarves often seen on middle east women in television news reports on fighting in the Middle East. They remind me of the grieving you see middle east women exhibit, openly wailing over their fallen loved ones for all to see and hear. Beautiful work.