Artist Statement

I was born in Kiev, which I find a rather appropriate place for one's childhood. There I grew up surrounded by sunbeams and chestnut trees' shadows. A slave to beauty and pleasure I've decided to become an artist. And here I am - a producer of illusions, a hypocrite, an imitator.
Following the sun, I've travelled westbound. Now I'm spending a wonderful time in the glorious New York City, which I find a rather appropriate place for one's maturity.

The Guestbook

brandyrounds says: His art is like something from a dream I once had. Finding art in that light at the end of the hall or the figure that's so close you could touch them, but don't.

babochkov says: Thank you for insightful, humorous and subtle outlook on life. Good stuff.

spatialk says: Vladimir's paintings feel like fleeting memories of people watching in the city. Their simple reflections and isolated figures filter out all of the busyness and leave only the voyeuristic pleasure of watching some fascinating individual going about their day.