Artist Statement

When I was eleven years old and simplifying fractions in the middle of a school day in Colombia, my father was murdered at a gas station nearby. Four men on motorcycles and armed with machine guns sprayed bullets into him while he was standing by his car.

20 years later, I find myself seeking other witnesses to the inexorable blur between past and present, hope and regret, public spaces and private feelings. Using video, paintings, photographs and—especially—people, I orchestrate elaborate, alternate realities that challenge certainties and unmask prejudices that lie just outside our collective field of vision.

The Guestbook

monifa says: Yazmany's infectious joy and love are infused in his visions which he shares literally with the world.

jimfreeman says: Yazmany challenges social convention through color, light-hearted performance and fun. He observes the boundaries of respect for the culture that he is impacting. A clever, energetic and playful tightrope act to achieve positive results.