Artist Statement

My work primarily consists of nude and implied nude portraiture and self portraiture. I have begun, in an organic fashion, to delve into other mediums as well as continue photographic endeavors using artistic and human process as a point of reference. The "don't know" mind has been crucial to my process and I'm interested in promoting a world society based on openness, honesty and vulnerability; A community that can assess issues of the utmost importance without being so stuck in it’s ways. My current work deals with the cyclical, and rigorous nature of the mind; my mind in particular.

The Guestbook

mpieck says: Zach Hyman NEEDS to be shown at the Brooklyn Museum and get more exposure, great work!

mmeu says: Excellent!

Riszard says: It's always a nice surprise when one of your favorite artists turns out to be nicer than you thought. Zach you're 3x as incredible as I thought you were and super humble. Huge fan of your work... obviously. xx

pf2219 says: Do more sculpture!

kardamylian says: Loved Zach's work displayed at Go Brooklyn - would love to see it at the Brooklyn Museum!

DIANA-LEE says: Good luck, hope to see your exhibit @ the Brooklyn Museum!

ruguizhan says: GOOD LUCK!

ivalenzuela says: Just voted for youuuuu