Artist Statement

The plant photographs are part of a series entitled Botanica which I photographed around the city during the summers of 2007-2009. These prints are made using the traditional process of photography.

My inspiration derives from my urban experience. Not willing to accept my surroundings as the only reality, I interpret, transform and recreate a world that I feel part of. In this instance the idea of Botanica came from being deprived with the contact of the natural world.

The Guestbook

N.Steinson says: Christian is a consummate artist. He's dead serious about his work . He hand prints all of his photographs in his studio on paper that is slowly disappearing due to the digital age. His capturing of light at just the right moment is phenomenal and after much careful planning. He's innovative and clearly dedicated to his work.

monifa says: In addition to a great and thoughtful eye, the patience to create each work shows extreme love and dedication. His work bears witness to the magic existent in our every waking moment of which we need only to slow down and breathe to become aware.

Lischre says: Beautiful close ups, some from BBG to insure the localness of the art!