Artist Statement

David Kramer was born in New York City in 1963. Using life-style magazines from his youth in the 1970's as inspiration, Kramer creates drawings, paintings and installations that speak of a life that he fully expected to be living as an adult. Splashed across the images are Kramer's own words which are the humorous advertising slogans from a life that has fully not lived up to his own expectations.

Kramer is represented by Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris. Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels. And works with Peirogi 2000, Brooklyn. His essays have been published in the

The Guestbook

DrLisaLevySP says: I have been a Kramer fan for a long time itwas. Fun to see h sharing his work with people in a more unformal settting and to see somethings I didn't know he had.