Artist Statement

As a native New Yorker, my work illustrates deliberately naive notions of rural based environments. The distinctively temporal pieces inhabit a simultaneous sense of the historical and the sci-fi, illustrating a land un-kept by social constructions. The pieces often submerged in resin further emulate the texture of water, while the faded encaustics simulate an old and far away place.

The Guestbook

jtarney says: Beautiful work, Dana. I love it! Hope to see you in the Brooklyn Museum group show. Julie

marlowcharlie says: Beautiful work. Fascinating use of texture.

LawrenceMay says: Such marvelous promise. A complexity and sensitivity that are all too rare in today's art world.

Rubysue4 says: Dana is a young vibrant artist who defies all expectation. I love her work

yvette says:

robin says: I love the colors in Dana James work.

rbrett2012 says: Love her stuff