Artist Statement

Over the years my work has focused on exploring organic forms in nature - particularly the ways in which they reflect and echo one another in widely varying scale and context creating an ambiguity which challenges the viewer to bring personal associations and experiences to each piece. Moving between representation and abstraction and often drawing from nature, the work explores landscape and the body in deeply personal ways.

The Guestbook

Suelob says: Hi Ellen, I'd love to see your work displayed at the Brooklyn museum. Sue

raidlin says: Ellen works with shapes, spaces, colors, and metaphores that she has fallen in love with, and as we view her work we do as well. Looking at her work fills my eyes, mind, and heart with love and positive energy.

mark.peters.94651774 says: Love the way Ellen's abstract and organic shapes play with each other.

peterr says: wonderful!

karen.gibbons.106 says: Ellen, your work is amazing!

flomo428 says: Hi Ellen it's flora loved your art work and hope you win!