Artist Statement

My work explores our relationship with the materials and movements of the constructed environment. Often, the work employes the site as a tool, or active collaborator, in its own making, influencing the final appearance of the work. Unexpected narratives occur in the information that gets squeezed through.
Recently, I have been working through the implications of the correction, fix, or measures of (deviation from) "rightness" made visible in the built environment, and the means (shims, levels) through which we actually "right" our world.

The Guestbook

asoutor says: I can see the progression and multiple openings in your art work and installations with wood/reusable materials, people interaction and social/cultural space. Looking forward to seeing more.

kkcrown says: Salazar uses found materials in a devote and simplistic manner. She constantly finds a balance between material and physical extremes, whether it is the balancing of doors into a house of cards or the horizon line created when water is suspended in a twisted tube.