Artist Statement

The Empire State Building is an icon of continual fascination and mystery. In this recent series, each painting is made in one evening from direct observation. I love the fact that I can paint the same thing every night, and every night it is different. The colors of the building lights change frequently and the weather and the color of night are never the same. I look for opportunities to take subtle formal variations. Lately, I have been photographing the finished painting and posting it instantly on Facebook, sharing my experience in real time with friends around the globe.

The Guestbook

mpj1 says: Kerry captures the essence of an iconic NY landmark brilliantly in these paintings.

mucho says: Looking at the city is something brooklyn does. Kerry's art is truly Brooklyn's perspective.

David210 says: Good luck Kerry!

olya.turcihin says: Love your work Kerry! Good Luck!

roger.peltzman says: You're one talented mother fcuker! Keep up the good work. I'm glad I voted for you!

sheldon.mukamal says: Awesome work! Hope you make the BMA exh. Sheldon Mukamal

Autsmartin says: You swipe paint brushes like its yooo job - love autumn