Artist Statement

I am currently working on 2 series.

The first is a group of medium / large paintings which I did for the set of Gisburg's song play: Reiner Werner Fassbinder: A historical person. The paintings featured RWF and images of the social and historical influences: The RAF German terrorists, Queer movements, drugs, and sexuality in the pre AIDS 1970s.

The second is the Knots and Flora series (Drawings and Paintings) which are meditations on time, the layering of experience, obstruction, nostalgia, turmoil, and the charting of chance operation.

- Loui Terrier


The Guestbook

gisburg says: Terrier's art was both, his "knot pictures" were delicate and intricate and made me feel I can look closer and his big Rainer Werner Fassbinder paintings were bold, super catchy and yet made me comtemplate about society. Plus I love Fassbinder..