Artist Statement

my paintings are spontaneous abstractions, i neither plan or sketch. they begin with a simple mark and i respond with a process i call targeting, where each shape is filled in concentrically. each painting starts different and each finishes unique. my process educates me.

The Guestbook

carrie.caroselli says: This artist I spent the most time with out of the 29 artist studios I visited over the course of two days. I was so impressed by the intricate detail in each pieces. The photos just do not do justice to the amount of care and time put into each piece. While the paintings come from the same concept, layering paint on top of another, the end result is different each time. Add to that various canvas sizes and textures from mixed media like glitter and fur, and presto - amazing works of art. I have definitely become a fan and have already exchanged information with Steven to be informed of his upcoming shows. He has made me interested in following his career for life! And, he is an artist right in my back yard. That said, how could I not vote for him.

olicaudron says: A world!