Artist Statement

From a baseline of common experience, I use subtle interventions into ordinary, often ubiquitous materials to produce work that unfolds our awareness of our surroundings and destabilizes familiar structures. I use space, time, light, and language, as well as architecture, landscape and the pages of a newspaper to examine everyday places and objects that are often unassuming and easily overlooked.

Because of their subtlety, these pieces ask to be viewed with heightened perception, fusing our intellectual understanding of the work with a sensory experience, and allowing the familiar to become unfamiliar once again

The Guestbook

kareneharvey says: fresh ideas & unique artistic vision

virgiltalaid says: Nice!

yawenalice says: Skye's work is understated wit. She creates cities from the silences literally between the lines, shifting verbal space into physical space, with a meticulous, obsessive eye.