Artist Statement

In order to combine the raw expression of monotype and oil inks, pentemente of drawings, jagged outlines of collage, and the liquidity feeling of acrylic wash, I seek surfaces where I can manipulate images, push inks and scratch with charcoal. My work is about the process, the push to lose conventionality. I refrain from considering any piece precious; they can all be wiped away, drawn over, made better by way of finding something new to add or take away.

The Guestbook

ewart says: Wonderful expression and feeling for animals, executed with beautiful color

KCap says: Syd, you rock!

sallysam says: Absolutely fantastic! Original, refreshing, captivating and emotional!

clinz9 says: i love syd's work. the colors, textures, and the especially the emotion.

Cassandra says: She is SO amazing. You can see her energy and confidence right through to her canvas.

Rachglasser says: I love Sydell's art. it is very unique, and has a lot of emotion in it. Every piece if different and captures my attention.

legrossman says: I'm a little pony, clipitty clop! Your art is amazing. Period.

Jonah.kaplan says: Outstanding work!

jmguyaux says: Beauty and originality.