Artist Statement

My recent landscape paintings are primarily built around the cloud symbol as a depiction of event, at once internal, experiential and representational. The parameters for these events are of place rather than site and suggest the apocalyptic and contemplative sublime. The clouds depicted do not reference a specific photograph but are aggregated forms generated from a multi-source photographic index. Each cloud composition is derived from a collage method which conflates images of sky, pollution, smoke, explosions, plumes, swarms, and overexposed film. Additionally, the convention of field (plane) is employed to frame and stage these lurching deformations.

The Guestbook

swstout says: Painterly, subtle, hypnotic, and oh so rich, your cloudscapes allow us to linger and see into these wondrous masses as they intersect and change one another in color and shape.

mucho says: Simple and awesome.

olya.turcihin says: Good Luck Christopher!