Artist Statement

I paint car salvage lots, cement factories, and unidentifed detritus that references the landscape of Bushwick, where I have had a studio since 2006. Carcases of flattened and stacked cars resemble ziggurats from the ancient world. Cement trucks buried in heaps of sand masquerade as amphora; cement tanks become abandoned rocket ships. The palette is high key and odd; the light source, eerie. Through their lush paint handling and loopy lexicon of images, the paintings celebrate the power of a place to inspire the imagination.

The Guestbook

shell7 says: So nice to visit your studio Saturday afternoon. I really loved the subject matter you are working with and the almost apocalyptic vision depicted with such richness on canvas. Thanks for opening your studio for GO and the support of the project is appreciated.

pilar.newtonkatz says: Amazing secondary color schemes brings out the effervescence in these scenes of abandoned, crushed cars. A scene one would think desolate, is made bright and vibrant and mysterious all at once.

edmarion says: Debbie's studio was a joy to visit and experience; her paintings are beautiful and her studio is organized to reflect the mind and work ethic of a working professional fine artist; a great studio visit experience