Artist Statement

I create sculptures carved in stone that re-interpret the conventions of traditional sculpture exploring personal notions of fear, redemption, impermanence, and the psychological import of everyday objects. My recent work portrays still-life objects concealed under a drape. Each object represents a personal fear but only the title identifies the object. This presentation, at once abstract and highly rendered, alludes to the disconnect between recognizing our fears intellectually and the experience (sensory, emotional, etc.) of what frightens us. It is our own investigation of and familiarity with these fears that bridge this gap and changes our relationship to them over time.

The Guestbook

gcsSUGAR says: Working with a material that seems to be against the grain of the contemporary art world, Douglas Goldberg carves marble like it's butter, melting. His conceptual realistic forms of hidden objects are like well kept secrets. Both beautiful and intriguing I can't help but think that these artworks are a voice of social commentary, marbleized fabrics veiling canaries, framed portraits and microphones as if to keep them sacred and archived, perhaps silenced or protected from further decay, or further living. Simply put...I am a huge fan of his work.

sweetsiepie says: Great work -- loved the size and dimensions of each piece which I perceived as a contrast to the dramatic compositions. Also would like to nominate this artist's studio partner James Bills for his very interesting work rendering mathamatical concepts and algorithms contemporary of our times. Beautiful, intellectual, extremely interesting, and historically significant!