Artist Statement

My art was born out of my love for children’s drawings.
If you ask any small child to draw, they will do so unabashedly without fear or concerns about the end results. As we become older, either we realize ourselves-- or others tell us-- things have to look or be done a certain way. We then withdraw and think “ No, I can’t draw.”
My work is an attempt to get back to that magical place in childhood and create with that innocent carefree mindset of a child.
Each day, I get to create work that makes me, and others smile.

The Guestbook

jennylando says: The simplicity of Ed's images has universal appeal. On closer inspection ( when viewed in a group) you see larger themes appear.

jean.allen.988 says: His work is bright, energetic, and truly refreshing. It puts a big smile on everyone's face who see's it. And he has crossed over into so many other wonderful products--you can have Ed Heck surround your all day long. Just love it!!