Artist Statement

I am a woodcarver whose goal is to create complex forms as elegantly as I can. Each piece was originally a tree from the streets of Brooklyn, carved by hand from logs up to 36" in diameter. My background is in mathematics; look closely and you'll see the symmetry and geometry. I start with a simple clay or wire model, a guide in the initial rough carving, and discard it as soon as I can "see" the emerging sculpture. Then it's all freestyle. I'm outdoors for 3 seasons, indoors in the winter for finishing and pedestal building.

The Guestbook

Ceelledee says: Really excellent work, deserving of being seen by a much wider audience. Like a Brooklyn Museum exhibition, perhaps? Good luck!

aesi says: Amazing geometric wood sculpture carved from local wood.

PapaDave says: Very Impressive work, starting for a tree truck and creating most elaborate figures, you could never tell their origin.

johanna.pesso says: Good luck dad!

wexy says: Thanks for the tour. Thought the sculptures were amazing

Glennwolin says: Erics work just blows me away. Beautiful, interesting, soothing, and impossible.

sabdulezer says: Magical mathematical loops liberated from logs ( and life )

Acantor says: Organic and intuitive woodwork--I like the fluidity and sometimes puzzling nature of his work.

streetecco says: Forest Alive - Coalesce - Ambience

DianeH says: Although the sculptures seem to be on the verge of collapse, they hold together and remain upright. Eric makes the impossible possible.

nickiea says: These wood sculptures are rendered with such care, grace and delicacy. Simply beautiful.

Justine-Zimiles says: Frankenstein meets Einstein. This guy is a genius.

pierreleveille says: Extremely difficult work make to look 'simple'. Very beautiful, elegant and fluid.

alade says: Good luck

larry_kurz says: Belongs in a museum

yangnimkurz says: Unique. Great skill.